Lifts of a Nation

If you haven’t been so lucky to travel overseas this year, why not try and bring some multiculturalism into your training. Throwing in some variety to your training can help prevent against boredom and burnout. Follow this tour of strength training to feel like you’ve been around the world in 60 minutes.

Bulgarian Split Squat:

This exercise is great uni-lateral exercise for the glutes, quads and hamstrings and variation to the standard lunge. We often prescribe this exercise in our exercise rehabilitation programs.


Nordic Hamstring Curl:

An excellent hamsting isolation exercise that helps prevent against hamstring strains. We love this exercise at CSC! There is so much good research behind this exercise (and more coming) it is not that much of a stretch to say that most, if not all team sport athletes should be completing it weekly! For more info on the nordic curl, click here.


Romanian Deadlift:

A great deadlift variation to target the hamstrings and glutes. Can also be used to help with standard deadlift technique also.


Russian Deadlift (Good Morning):

Another great deadlift variation. Can also be used in teaching proper hip-hinge technique.

Turkish Get-up:

A great whole body strength and stability exercise that utilises kettle bells.


Swiss Ball Push-up:

A challenging push-up variation that challenges your stability. Make sure you are proficient in the floor push-up before trying this!


Hindu Push-up:

A challenging exercise that targets the arms and abs. A great advancement to your standard front plank.



So there you go, by completing some of these lifts, you can travel around the world without ever leaving the gym!

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About the Author:

Dr. Brendan O’Loughlin is a Co-director and Osteopath at the Competitive Sports Clinic located in the Essendon District, Melbourne  Brendan has a keen interest in sports injuries, exercise rehabilitation and cycling and analysis.