Who We Are

Our Core Values

PRIDE – in our ability to help others

  • We believe that the different systems in the body are intrinsically connected, and in constant communication with each other.
  • We believe in assessing more than just the symptomatic area for the root cause of disease.
  • Our goal as an organisation is to help every client improve their overall health and well-being, extending beyond simple pain relief.
  • We believe it is essential for all our staff to have an active personal and professional development plan.

Care – for all

  • We build relationships with clients that stem from our care and desire to help everyone who comes through our door.
  • We believe the key to building strong relationships with clients is being authentic and true to ourselves.
  • We believe in communicating to our clients a clear understanding about every stage of their journey.
  • We are an organisation that is driven by our desire to nurture and build on our clients’ strengths.
  • We believe in upholding consistent care for ourselves, each other and our clients, regardless of the context.

Leadership – within our industry, our organisation & ourselves

  • In our organisation, we see everyone as a leader and a follower.
  • Individuals in our organisation always stay true to their own values.
  • As leaders, we respect and embrace differences of opinion and constructive debate as key elements of growth in our organisation.
  • Our organisation is focused on providing the guidance needed for growing people in all aspects of their lives.

Teamwork – working together for a common goal

We understand that the key to success in both business and life hinges on how well we apply and live by our core values. This means being consistent in everything we do and staying true to our values no matter the situation. We never lose sight of the fact that everything we do is about people. Without people to help us, we are on our own and unlikely to succeed.

Our Vision

To help shape the Melbourne CBD & suburbs into the healthiest capital city in Australia.

To be recognised as leaders in delivering optimal health outcomes to the people of Victoria, through developing authentic relationships.

Our Mission

We empower people to achieve long term health in a caring environment, built by a collaborative and hard working team, who focused on learning and growth.

Our History

  • From the very beginning we have sought to deliver the ultimate level of CARE for our clients
  • We aim to bring the care back to healthcare
  • We guide clients along their journey to optimal health
  • We focus on YOU, as a person, and not just your injury or condition. By focusing on you, we are able to achieve extraordinary outcomes

Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre (MOSIC) began as a vision over 15 years ago when husband and wife Jessica Fetterplace and Shane Buntman began their life journey working together and raising a family in the small English town of Herne Bay.  Working side-by-side in many Osteopathic and allied health clinics across England, their clinical aspirations grew thanks to some inspirational mentors and extraordinary clients. Upon returning to Australia in 2010, they were determined to develop centres of excellence in Melbourne that applied the wealth of knowledge that they had acquired to meet today’s health needs. All with a strong focus on care and the client experience.

Melbourne became our home and we became passionate about providing Melburnians with the highest levels of healthcare. We shifted away from the classic mainstream healthcare model, which was heavily focused on the practitioner, and moved to a model centred on the client experience and achieving exceptional clinical outcomes. This was the turning point in the MOSIC history. We have continued striving to deliver more authentic and genuine care to our community and its people.

We opened our Collins Street Centre in 2012, expanding to our second location in Bourke Street in 2017 and then our first suburban clinic opened in Essendon in 2021. We see this expansion as our way of providing more Melburnians with the most exceptional care. We understand the Melbourne community and its people better than any other health business – we understand that time is precious, results are important and feeling cared for is paramount.

We understand that the key to success in both life and business hinges on how well we apply and live by our core values. This means being consistent in everything we do and staying true to our values no matter the situation. At MOSIC we never lose sight of the fact that everything we do is about people – YOU.

Our approach to an individual’s health, function and well being is centred on the idea of a team-based management approach, with CARE at the centre of all decision making. We offer a range of health services in each of our locations to meet client’s needs. At MOSIC we put client care first. We are here to assist you through each step required in order to maximise your health, function and well being.

Our Centre will help you to achieve your long term goals whether they be general fitness and flexibility, serious or fun running, completing a triathlon, overcoming injuries or just being pain free at work and at home. This is achieved through regular communication between us and you, including the development of detailed management plans, rehabilitation programs, exercise prescription and training diaries. With our experienced, highly qualified practitioners and teachers in the disciplines of Osteopathy, Remedial Massage, Exercise Physiology, Podiatry, Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation. All of your rehabilitation needs are met at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre.

MOSIC has been established as a centre for learning and development for all practitioners, teachers, instructors, students, patients and clients. This is accomplished through regular external courses and in-house tutorials by highly experienced and specialised practitioners across many disciplines. We will also be offering information sessions for patients and clients, regular blogging on current research and training information, state of the art equipment, and most importantly constant communication between practitioners and clients.

We hope that your experience at MOSIC is enriching and rewarding and that it reflects the passion, dedication and high standards of our centre, the organisation and its team.

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