Osteopathy For Runners

Running is the most primal of all activities, with humans having been running for millions of years. Running also makes up a major component of a large number of sports and activities. Running events can vary from the 100m sprints all the way up to ultra marathons (100km’s +). Running is also an excellent way to stay fit and promote general health.

Common Running Injuries

Running does place a fair amount of strain on the body, especially if done with improper technique and too frequently without adequate rest periods. Classic running injuries include plantar fasciitis, achilles pathologies, medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), patello femoral pain syndrome and patella tendinopathies.

How Osteopathy can help runners?

Osteopathy can be of great benefit to runners. An Osteopath will asses your running technique, shoe wear patterns and training load in conjunction with a specific Osteopathic musculoskeletal examination to help formulate a picture as to why the runner has become injured. An Osteopath will then treat the injury with a specific combination of soft tissue treatment, joint articulation or manipulation, dry needling (acupuncture) and ergonomic, rehabilitation and training advice.

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How Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation can help Runners?

Due to things such as over training, stress, poor sleep, incorrect running form and many other factors, a runners body can become fatigued and develop muscle imbalances and weaknesses over time. A personally designed Pilates and/or exercise rehabilitation program is aimed at identifying these muscle weaknesses and imbalances. A set of exercises and recommendations on training, form and ergonomics is then formulated to help the runner overcome their injury.

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How Remedial Massage can help Runners?

Running can cause the body to fatigue quite substantially, especially with increased training loads and reduced rest. Remedial massage is aimed at helping a runner’s body recover from training and competition as quickly and efficiently as possible, to assist with injury prevention and an uninterrupted training schedule.

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