Bike Fitting and Analysis

Proper bike fitting and analysis is an integral part of optimum cycling performance and injury management and prevention. At the Melbourne osteopathy centre, we offer our expert Bike Fitting Service: 

This service involves addressing every aspect of the bicycle and rider. This is performed by Osteopath Dr. Brendan O’Loughlin. The fit covers:

– Cycling and injury history
– Physical assessment of flexibility, strength and coordination
– Pre-measurements of the existing set-up
– Video of current position
– Adjustments to bike, rider, cleats, and real-time video feedback of cycling
– Demonstration of specific strength and exercise rehabilitation exercises to help your individual needs
– Video of final position and measurements of the final set-up for your records
– Biomechanics of the videos are further analysed with after the fit sessions and sent to you

Allow 90 minutes to complete this process. Bring along your bike, shoes and cycling kit.


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Bike Fitting and Analysis