Osteopathy For Football Injuries

Australian Rules Football or AFL is an 18 per side ball sport played over four quarters of around 30 minutes each. Being a physical team sport, AFL requires numerous physical attributes. These include: speed, agility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic endurance – just to name a few.

Common Injuries in AFL players

Given that Australian Rules Football requires such a magnitude of physical attributes and is also a contact sport, footballers usually suffer from a wide variety of injuries. Traumatic injuries such as sprained ankles, torn ligaments and meniscus in the knees, hamstring and quadriceps tears, AC joint injuries and dislocated shoulders usually top the list.

How Osteopathy can help your Football?

As previously mentioned, AFL players can be subjected to a wide variety of injuries, therefore Osteopathy can play a major role in the management of such injuries and help get the athlete back to play as soon as possible. Techniques such as soft tissue treatment, joint articulation and manipulation all can be used to good effect to help treat Australian Rules Football injuries.

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How Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation can help your Football?

We know that Australian Rules Footballers are frequently injured, therefore proper injury rehabilitation is crucial for the best possible recovery from those injuries. A Pilates and Exercise Rehabilitation program can be designed for any injury, to help the athlete to make a full return to sport as quickly, and as safely as possible.

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How Remedial Massage can help Football?

A full game of Australian Rules Football can be very intense and therefore leaves an athlete’s body feeling quite fatigued for a few days after the game. Remedial massage can help accelerate the recovery process, which is so crucial in Australian Rules Football due to the weekly fixture of games encountered in a typical season, and thus help the athlete perform better both in training and on game day.

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People to watch in the AFL:

  • Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
  • Gary Ablett (Goldcoast)
  • Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)
  • Chris Judd (Carlton)