Studio Pilates

At Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre, we offer a wide range of Pilates classes, including clinical Pilates and reformer Pilates, that are tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals. Our highly trained instructors specialize in clinical Pilates and will work with you to design a custom exercise program that addresses any postural issues, muscle imbalances, or other concerns you may have.

Our fully equipped studio features a range of Pilates equipment, including Pilates reformers, trapeze tables, Wunda chairs, and ladder barrels, as well as small apparatus that can be incorporated into your workout. We offer private one-on-one sessions as well as small group classes limited to 2, 3, or 4 clients, providing a personalized and intimate setting to maximize your workout experience.

Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility, strength, or overall fitness, our clinical Pilates classes and reformer Pilates sessions will help you achieve your goals. We take a comprehensive approach to your fitness journey and provide ongoing program modifications and evolution to ensure that your exercise routine remains challenging and effective.

Check out our Studio Pilates timetable for class times and availability, and contact us today to learn more about how our clinical Pilates classes and reformer Pilates sessions can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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For class times, please view our Studio Pilates timetable.

Studio Pilates Melbourne Session