Work Place Sitting Versus Standing

Most people are probably now familiar with the standing desk craze that has taken off in many office buildings over the last few years. But is this the answer to the issues that our modern day sedentary lifestyle has caused? And will a standing desk help to improve our posture?

The biggest concern isn’t actually so much to do with sitting for 8-10 hours per day but being in a static position for this extended amount of time.

If you imagine your body being continuously printed in 3D form every second, what would your 3D self look like? If you are sitting for 8-10 hours a day in a slumped position, with rounded shoulders, a protruding chin and maybe even with legs crossed, then this will affect what your 3D self will look like: tight neck muscles, tight chest muscles, weak elongated upper back muscles, and tight hip muscles, just to name a few.

Now what about if you are standing at your desk for 8-10 hours a day, also in a static position? How would this change what your 3D body might look like? Perhaps you are shifting your weight to stand more on one leg than the other, maybe you’re still protruding your chin, rounding your shoulders and slumping in to your spine?

So is the answer to this problem really standing desks? I believe that it is not that simple. I believe that MOVING is the answer!

Take a lunch break, go for a walk.

Instead of emailing your work colleagues from the next office, try actually walking in to their room to chat. This might even have positive side impacts on your relationships at work.

What about walking meetings? Get out in the fresh air, where you can create fresh, exciting, new ideas.

The list could obviously go on but I’m sure you get my point. The chair is not the enemy. Rather, it’s your choice to stay in the chair that is causing many of these problems. We should never feel obligated to sacrifice our health for our work responsibilities!

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Nicole Karl is the Pilates Manager at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre and an experienced Pilates instructor.
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