Victoria’s Fittest Postcodes

In this article from The Age, leafy suburbs close to Melbourne have been rated as the fittest in Victoria, as they comprise more residents who exercise than those who don’t.

Using data from Australia’s Health Tracker website, the article includes an interactive chart where you can compare exercise levels in your postcode across Victoria.

Not surprisingly, it’s the wealthier suburbs where exercise levels are highest.

Professor Rosemary Calder, a public health expert and director of the Australian Health Policy Collaboration (AHPC), which produces the Health Tracker, said the environment we live in clearly affects our health.

“We have an attitude of ‘people should choose to walk, it’s their problem’, and it’s not, it’s the environment you’re in that enables or disables, that encourages you or discourages you,” she said.

“We have to start looking at ways in which we can make all environments conducive to healthy activity if we want our population to be healthy.”

At MOSIC we recognise physical activity and exercise as a vitally important part of everybody’s life. So make sure you’re doing your bit to help boost your postcode’s rating.

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