Preparing for Change – Winter Is Coming!

Now that the seasonal change is here it’s time to embrace autumn, give in to cravings for warmth, and get out the heat packs and scarves. It’s also time to drink all the tea.

Create healthy habits now to help you feel healthier throughout the cooler months:

Stay hydrated

As we begin to wind down many of our sweaty, outdoor summer activities, it’s very common to stop drinking as much water. But no matter the season, it is very important to continue drinking lots of water because our bodies need it to function properly. Not only does water help you stay hydrated, it also helps regulate body temperature and is essential to the function of our cells, tissues, and organs.

If you find it hard to stay hydrated by just drinking water during the cooler months remember that warm drinks count too. Try herbal teas or hot water with lemon.Tea


Create sustainable and enjoyable movement habits now so that you’re already in a good routine once the colder months arrive. Whilst winter does call for some hibernation, setting yourself up with a routine in autumn will help motivate you to stay active once winter arrives. Try something new or think back to a sport or class you loved as a child and try it again! If you commute to work, get off 1 or 2 stops earlier and enjoy a brisk walk to the office.


Sleep is scientifically proven to have a direct impact on your immune system. Depriving your body of sleep will not only make you susceptible to the cold and flu bugs going around, but it may also lead to inflammation. So work out the optimal amount of sleep you need and do your best to maintain this. Remember that everyone is different when it comes to how much sleep you need. Listen to your body.

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Good choices in comfort food

Whilst we often crave loads of carbs and unhealthy comfort foods, your body will thank you if you make good choices. Try welcoming curries, casseroles, stews, and soups back into your life at this time of year.

Paleo Beef Stew

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