Everything You Need To Know About Pilates and Weight Loss

Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

In this article, we will unravel if pilates is good for weight loss. The short answer is yes, and it’s a great exercise and practice to combine with other training methods. Keep reading to lear more!

If weight loss is your goal, then this can certainly be achieved with a consistent Pilates routine. You’ll burn calories and increase muscle tone and you may also notice a reduction in overall body fat.

It is important to understand that this needs to be done in conjunction with a relatively healthy lifestyle and factors such as age, metabolism and diet can have a big influence on the outcomes.

So, while there is certainly no quick fix when it comes to weight loss, with a regular Pilates practice, it can certainly be achieved.

What is Pilates?

If you’re after a new workout routine that can help lengthen, strengthen, and tone your muscles, then Pilates might be for you.

Pilates is low impact and great for improving overall strength, posture and flexibility. It can also improve stress management as it holds a specific focus on breathing efficiently during exercise.

While Pilates is generally known as a great tool to assist in recovery from injuries, aches and pains, it can also be an excellent way to lose weight. 


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Originally founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s, Pilates was performed on a mat and used as a form of corrective exercise to condition the body. This was achieved with a strong emphasis on improving core strength.

Traditional mat Pilates was developed later on and then advanced to include a range of specific equipment such as a Reformer, Bar, Cadillac and Wunda chair. These tools help assist in the stretching and strengthening component of Pilates. 

Pilates principles

There are six original principles that continue to guide the Pilates method to this day. These include: 

  • Concentration: The best results are achieved by concentrating on the individual muscle(s) being targeted. In Pilates, the body is generally visualised as a moving unit. 
  • Control: Focusing on slow and precise movements. 
  • Centring: A strong emphasis on the mind body connection plays a huge role in Pilates. 
  • Breathwork: Pilates holds a focus on breathing out with the effort (hardest part of the exercise) and breathing in on the return. Breath control helps us use our muscles to their full potential and ensure we’re pumping lots of healthy blood through our muscles as we exercise. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pilates?

history of pilatesThere are many good health benefits that come with a regular Pilates practice: 

  • Increased muscle strength and tone 
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced muscular control 
  • Improved cardiovascular health 

Is Pilates for me? 

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Pilates is generally suitable for everyone, from athletes to the elderly, because of its low impact and effectiveness in improving physical conditioning. It focuses more on improving muscle tone and strength, rather than just building bigger muscles.

Pilates is especially helpful for anyone aiming to improve core control or posture. Good core strength extends well beyond the abdominal muscles and besides improving postural strength, can also help relieve aches and pains in the low back and hips.

Pilates exercise programs are tailored to each individual and can be used to target specific muscle imbalances or rehabilitate from injury. 

Human beings are creatures of habit – we walk a certain way, lift a certain way, sit at our desks all day looking at screens. This can cause our muscles to get tight and sore and eventually develop an imbalance. Pilates is a great way to counteract these imbalances that are developed in our day-to-day lives. 

A consistent Pilates practice, based on a specific, targeted and individualised program can certainly help with injury rehabilitation or improving your overall health. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, it can also be a great tool for weight loss. 

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