Different Types of Pilates

It’s a brave new Pilates world out there ….When I started Pilates in 1999, there was only one way you could learn the method – at a dedicated Pilates studio likely owned and operated by a brave soul who had travelled abroad to learn from another teacher. These days, Pilates and its many sub-brands can be found on almost every street corner and are even available online.

As a teacher and devotee of the Pilates method, it’s important to me that clients know what they are buying/getting into/missing out on when it comes to all the different Pilates offerings out there. For example, by opting for a cheaper type of Pilates, how are you defining value for money? Are you choosing a particular delivery method because of the actual content, or the conditions around it?

If you want to do Pilates, then come and do it with us. Our team is experienced, qualified at the highest level, a diverse group of instructors and most importantly … we know what we are doing. We know where your practice fits within the Pilates landscape and we know where our work sits within the broader allied health landscape.

If you want to do group fitness work based on reformer exercises, with minimal technical feedback and unlimited memberships, then we are not the studio for you.

If you value attention to detail and results that meet your individual goals, then please come and see us.

If you would like to do Physio/Clinical Pilates to target only one particular area, then that’s not us either. We are all experts at observing and analysing your entire body, head to toe, inside and out. We aim to get it right the first time. We aim to develop your entire movement system and give you a great experience using both the classical and contemporary repertoire and equipment.

Variety is said to be the spice of life, and our instructors are trained in the entire Pilates system using all apparatus and over all physical conditions. We incorporate many of the amazing gizmos that Joe Pilates designed during his exploration of Contrology (the original name for Pilates). That’s why our clients love us!

Come and join us if you value Pilates sessions delivered with integrity, connected to the classical teaching and enhanced with contemporary adaptations. It will change how you relate to your body and mind, will give you physical confidence and will make you feel GOOD.

Nicholas Psarros is a Senior Pilates Instructor at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre. He is a fully qualified member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia and also an Exercise and Sports Scientist with ESSA.

If you would like to speak to Nicholas Psarros or one of our other Pilates Instructors about starting Pilates or if you need any further details on our approach to Pilates you can contact us on:

[email protected]

(03) 0039 1289