Somnology – The science of sleep

Sleep is a fundamental requirement for systemic health. It is also one of the most integral components for the body’s healing processes and something that up to 45% of Australian adults report having issues with.

As an Osteopath, getting sleep patterns under control is one of the first things we look at when dealing with complex and chronic musculoskeletal issues. And one of the most common causes of disrupted sleep is pain. Once the body is provided with the opportunity to rehabilitate and heal itself properly overnight, many persistent issues seem to magically begin alleviating themselves.

Science communicator Alie Ward explores some of the complexities of sleep in two episodes of her podcast, Ologies. She is joined by neurologist and sleep expert Dr. W. Chris Winter for a very entertaining program that provides some excellent insight into why so many of us have issues with sleep – one of the most primal functions of the human body. You can listen to Somnology parts 1 and 2 at the links below:

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