TheraBand Exercises for Swimmers

Thera bands are simple to use and should be completed before you swim as part of your warm up. We recommend completing 2-3 sets of each exercise 10-20 times. The exercises should be controlled and the resistance modest. TheraBands ARE NOT designed to build power and add large amounts of fatigue, rather, they will build shoulder control, technique, mobility and subtle strength.

Reasons you should be completing TheraBand exercises for swimming include:

1. Activate and warm up your swimming muscles (especially the small ones surrounding the shoulders)
2. Enhance shoulder mobility for better position in the water
3. Learn and/or reinforce correct pull through technique on dry land
4. Build swim specific strength that can be transferred to the water (catch and pull through)
5. Stabilise shoulders to reduce injury likelihood and also enable your shoulders to cope with a large strength load in the pool (such as using paddles)
6. Ensure you know how to complete a good warm up if race day doesn’t permit a swim warm up


TheraBands are available for purchase at the front desk of our centre. To ask a question or make an inquiry about our TheraBand products please call us on (03) 9939 1289 or email [email protected]

Author: Ryan Bourke (Triathlon Coach | CF Racing)