Pilates for lower back pain

Lower back pain has become so common these days, that often it is not even diagnosed. The primary cause is poor standing – but more commonly sitting – posture. Prolonged periods spent seated in front of a computer, as well as slouching forward, have become normal. It is also very common to have a dominant side of the body – a side that we naturally use more than the other. This can lead to a strength or tension imbalance between the left or right sides, another big cause of lower back pain.

Pilates may help to correct these sorts of problems.

Pilates works to balance out the alignment of your body, improve posture and strengthen the ‘power house’ muscles (abdominals, gluteals and inner thighs). The different exercises are typically performed for only a few repetitions, but in a range of different positions including lying on your front, back or side, sitting and standing. This ensures that the whole body learns these new alignments in all the positions that we normally experience in our daily activities.

To maximise the benefits of these exercises, Pilates may also incorporate some equipment including reformer, wunda chair, pedi-pole, trapeze table and small props such as spine corrector, magic circle and foam roller. Every Pilates apparatus works differently. Adjusting the spring resistance in many of these apparatus, allows us to assist or challenge the body in every exercise as well as target exactly which area is to be stretched or strengthened.

By systematically stretching out the tighter side and strengthening the weaker side, the ultimate aim of Pilates is to even out the body, relieving many of the aggravating factors of lower back pain. Although a carefully designed Pilates program may target the lower back, it does not ignore the fact that the body is interconnected and will generally work the entire body.

At your initial consultation, the studio Pilates instructor will create a customised program of different exercises based on your individual needs and goals.

If you think Pilates might be able to improve your lower back pain or help with your personal journey to better health and function, then please get in touch with any of our instructors or friendly reception team to organise a 1-on-1 consultation.