Kick off 2017 in Pilates Style!

Pilates offers a host of wonderful of benefits to our wide-range of clientele and for many of us, it’s a lifeline. Let’s put our best foot forward for 2017 by aiming for consistency in training that will facilitate physical success with the added benefits of confidence and calm.

In order to help kick start 2017, MOSIC is offering complimentary mat Pilates classes to all of our loyal clients. See below for further details. Over the festive period, take a moment to define your physical and training goals for the new year.

  • Is there a move in Pilates that you have seen on social media that you would like to master?
  • Perhaps you have seen another client performing a handstand or the impressive hanging series on the Cadillac?
  • Maybe you want to get on top of your neck and shoulder tension and kick those anti-inflammatory medications to the kerb?
  • Do you just want get to the weekend pain-free?
  • Maybe you want to build your endurance and work on the famous transitions between exercises that help you focus, provide flow and a sense of empowerment in your Pilates training!

My personal goal for Pilates in 2017 is to maintain twice weekly sessions, to continue working on the classical repertoire and especially the bigger spinal movements on the reformer, which sadly seem to get trickier for my body as I age.

Joe Pilates had a famous saying:

If you have an inflexible spine at 30, you are old. If you have a flexible spine at 60, you are young.

I’m also looking to improve my endurance in hanging and upside down work on the cadillac with the candlestick series, which also includes a tricky gymnastic series. Maybe you will decide to join me in the challenge and work up to it?

Remember to let your instructor know your goals at the start of your training year and let’s reach them together with the Pilates method at MOSIC. As our way of saying congratulations to all our Pilates clients on your achievements in 2016, we will be offering some complimentary mat Pilates classes in January.

Taught by Nicholas Psarros, these 50-minute classes will be at a standard/faster pace. Unfortunately they are not suitable for anyone currently in a rehabilitation program.

These classes will give provide an understanding of the flow of the Pilates mat sequence and will also offer you a great workout! Class availability:

  • Tuesday 10 January 6.00pm – Collins Street
  • Friday 13 January 7.00am – Bourke Street
  • Friday 20 January 7.00am – Bourke Street

There is a strict limit of 10 clients per class and we require bookings so please contact us now to reserve your place.

Register now by phone or email:

[email protected]

(03) 9939 1289