Pilates at home

One of the best aspects of the Pilates method is its portability. You don’t even have to be doing a Pilates workout to move in a ‘Pilates way’. Although the best results are generally gained from working in a studio under the watchful eye of a trained and experienced teacher, home-based workouts are a wonderful adjunct to studio sessions. They help reiterate the subject matter learnt in class and, if done regularly, provide the perfect combination of movements to iron out many of the kinks that modern living creates.

The Pilates method is not a one-size-fits-all collection of exercises so it’s important to first learn from a qualified instructor what particular exercises your body needs, and the correct way of performing them. Otherwise, you may end up doing them incorrectly, perhaps causing increased pain or exacerbating injuries.

However, if you attend a studio regularly, or are on a break from your usual routine, then putting together a small home workout (a basic or intermediate level mat practice, for example) will keep your body humming!

It’s important to have a formalised program with a defined goal so you know what you’re going to do before you get down on the mat. This will help dictate the type of session you complete.

  • Are you looking for a full body pilates workout?
  • Are you wanting to do some home exercises to help progress your rehab?
  • Do you want to use Pilates exercises to help increase your functional mobility?

It is also important to remember the principles of Pilates when performing your home practice. There is a difference between simply moving and moving with the Pilates principles, as you would in a studio. It’s best to block out an uninterrupted 20–30 minutes to help get you centred and in the zone!

If you’re intetested in developing a home practice, then have a chat to your instructor about designing a program. Once you’ve got the  program detailed, you can then look for tips on performing the exercises online, including in our YouTube video library.

You can find out more about Studio Pilates and developing a home practice by contacting any of our wonderful Pilates team at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre: