Understanding groin pain (osteitis pubis)

Aly Smead is part of our admin team and many clients will know her from her part-time role on reception, which she fits in between studying Osteopathy at RMIT University. Aly recognises how important it is to understand what is actually going on in your body when treating an injury. For anyone who has experienced groin pain, or osteitis pubis, this guide might prove very useful.

Activities that require high speed running, jumping/landing and changes of direction can cause stress in the groin region, specifically the adductor group, whose function is to pull the legs together. Muscle control and flexibility is vital for preventing this pain.

The video below shows a stretch that helps lengthens the adductor group and increase the range of motion within the pelvis.

If you are experiencing groin pain, it might be worth trying this stretch, only in consultation with your practitioner, of course.

For anyone interested in learning more, this article from the World Journal of Orthopedics describes how important it is to diagnose osteitis pubis at an early stage, in order to treat and manage the injury properly.


Aly Smead is part of the MOSIC customer service, administration and reception team. Like everyone at MOSIC, she values the benefits of an active lifestyle and regular exercise. If you would like to speak one of our practitioners about an injury, exercise program or creating a healthier lifestyle, then please feel free to ask a question, contact us or email us at: [email protected]