Bodhi Suspension System



The Bodhi Suspension System includes two independent ropes which, when installed, create four suspension points. This allows for endless opportunities to suspend the body from each point. In addition, each point choice adds strength, flexibility, balance and proprioceptive challenges. No other single suspension system can do this.

Suitable and adaptable for all populations, the Bodhi Suspension System is perfect for group exercise, semi-private and private sessions. It can be used by everyday from those new to exercise, post-rehab, as well as challenging elite athletes.

Our Bodhi Suspension classes are taught by our Pilates Studio Manager Nicole Dixon.

Class times: Friday 7.00am and 11.30am.

Classes are 30-minutes in duration and are limited to 3 participants.

You can book in to these classes just like any of our regular Pilates classes by using the Mind Body online booking system:

Click here to book via Mind Body

Please feel free to phone us on (03) 9939 1289 or email us for more information: [email protected]