Corporate Mat Pilates

At Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre we offer Mat Pilates for corporate groups hosted either at our Centre or at your workplace. Group size can range between 8-30 participants. Mat Pilates classes are a great introduction to Pilates and a great way to condition the body. Our mat classes involve a series of conditioning exercises performed on the floor that focus on building strength and control from the deep core muscles to help support and stabilise the body throughout movement. In these classes we aim to develop your understanding and execution of good posture and alignment, as you begin to learn the foundations of the Pilates technique.

Participants develop breath control, body awareness, co-ordination and balance as well as more efficient patterns of movement. You will learn exercises that you can do at home, at work or take with you on holidays. Classes utilise the magic circle, resistance bands and foam rollers.

Mat Pilates – Melbourne Studio

For more information about Mat Pilates in your workplace please call (03) 9939 1289 or email us, or ask a question.