5 Benefits of the Healing Power of Turmeric

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The Medicine in your Kitchen – 5 benefits of the healing power of Turmeric

Turmeric_60_tabs-300x300How adding Turmeric to your diet may help with Inflammation, Arthritis, Depression, Alzheimer’s and Liver Health.

Turmeric is fast turning into one of the most popular supplements of this decade. More and more evidence-based research now demonstrates the benefits of this important herb.

In Indian and South East Asian cultures, turmeric has always been used as more than just a spice for food. It is an important Traditional Medicine in its own right. It was believed to help digestion, relieve pain & inflammation, and was used both topically and internally.

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How Pilates Can Benefit Cyclists

While the benefits of Pilates are now widely recognised for improving core stability and treating many desk-related complaints, cycling is a sport where this can sometimes be overlooked. This article from the Longevity website outlines some of the amazing benefits that Pilates can offer for both recreational and competitive cyclists.

From ideas as simple as preventing injury by strengthening leg, back and neck muscles to countering the negative impacts of sitting on a bike, there are a whole range of reasons why Pilates can make a big difference for cyclists.

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Dr Shane Buntman Presenting at the 2016 Small Business Festival

For the third year running, Dr Shane Buntman will be presenting at the 2016 Small Business Festival, offering his insights into Building a Successful Small Business.Small Business Festival 2016

This year’s seminar focuses on Building a Strong Team. Join Dr Buntman for this informative presentation that will teach you how to build and retain a strong team, and create robust systems and processes while maintaining focus on the bigger picture. Develop the skills to build your vision into a successful business. 

The seminar will be presented at Donkey Wheel House in the Melbourne CBD on Wednesday 17th August at 5.00pm. Bookings can be made directly via the Eventbrite website:



Money raised from ticket sales will go towards supporting Dwarfism Australia.