Different Types of Pilates

It’s a brave new Pilates world out there ….

When I started Pilates in 1999, there was only one way you could learn the method – at a dedicated Pilates studio likely owned and operated by a brave soul who had travelled abroad to learn from another teacher. These days, Pilates and its many sub-brands can be found on almost every street corner and are even available online.

As a teacher and devotee of the Pilates method, it’s important to me that clients know what they are buying/getting into/missing out on when it comes to all the different Pilates offerings out there. For example, by opting for a cheaper type of Pilates, how are you defining value for money? Are you choosing a particular delivery method because of the actual content, or the conditions around it?

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Kick off 2017 in Pilates Style!

Pilates offers a host of wonderful of benefits to our wide-range of clientele and for many of us, it’s a lifeline. Let’s put our best foot forward for 2017 by aiming for consistency in training that will facilitate physical success with the added benefits of confidence and calm.

In order to help kick start 2017, MOSIC is offering complimentary mat Pilates classes to all of our loyal clients. See below for further details.

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Medical History Explained: Medications

As Osteopath’s, we don’t have prescription rights, yet as part of our five year degree we study pharmacology in detail. So why is it so important to us to understand your current medication regime? There is a common misconception that the medication you take does not influence how your Osteopath can help you. Whilst it is true that we are not in a position to change or monitor your current medication needs, your medication regime does affect the way we treat you. Let me discuss three of the most commonly prescribed medications and how these affect your Osteopathic care:

  1. Cholesterol Reducing Medication
  2. Corticosteroids
  3. Oral Contraceptive Pill

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