Telehealth consultations have been used by MOSIC practitioners to provide the same in-centre level of service to our clients when overseas or unable to physically visit us in the Melbourne CBD. We have achieved excellent results because video consultations incorporate many of the same tools used during a standard consultation.

These consultations allow our practitioners to discuss your detailed medical history and the specific complaint before examining your posture and movement remotely. They can then provide a diagnosis, management plan and advise suitable exercises or other action to help you recover effectively.

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What about the manual therapy?

You are most likely aware that Osteopathy consultations, particularly initial consultations, involve a lot of talking. Our detailed medical history includes questions about all facets of the injury, including the type of pain, mechanism, pattern and prior history. This is what forms the basis of our diagnosis. From there we will observe your movement in order to examine the area of concern. Luckily, we can do all this very effectively via video.

While we obviously can’t perform any hands-on manual therapy, we will be able to provide and demonstrate a range of exercises and rehabilitation advice that you can perform on your own at home.

How it works

You can book and pay for a telehealth consultation online via Cliniko. Once the telehealth appointment is booked, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with a URL link. All you need to do is visit the link at the designated start time of the consultation.

We recommend using a computer with a webcam, rather than a mobile phone (as it will be more stable and has a larger screen) however a mobile phone will also work.


Whilst private health insurance rebates are not currently available for telehealth consultations in Australia, we have made allowances to ensure that our valued community has affordable access to our service at this time of great need.

Prices for telehealth consultations are:

  • 30-min return consultation: $50
  • 45-min return consultation: $65
  • 60-min initial consultation: $99

For more information or to work out if a telehealth consultation will be helpful for your circumstances, please contact our friendly reception team:

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