Active April Blog: Habit Formation

With cold days now on the horizon it is essential that health and wellbeing become your highest priority. Active April is all about staying focused on what you have already achieved this year. This blog has and our monthly newsletter have already explained how motivation, commitment and drive can be used in your health journey. Now is the time to put all these changes into effect and stay strong during this time of temptation.

If someone offers you an extra piece of cake or chocolate or perhaps just one more drink, this maybe the time to think about it before saying “yes”. We should always ask: is it worth it? Will I be able to exercise tomorrow? Is this on my eating plan?

At Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre we will help you stay focused and motivated, and teach you that movement is just as essential for your body to stay healthy as the food that you put in to it. If we can keep on track through April you are likely to have a successful, active and healthy winter. Read more

6 Winter Training tips to keep you motivated

Winter Training TIPS – How to beat the exercise rut before it beats you


It happens to the best of us – the mornings get colder and darker, we snooze the alarm that one extra time, and before we know it we are out the door and on the way to work without completing our morning exercise ritual. Within a few weeks we have forgotten what it feels like to get that exercise high, and we fall off the fitness wagon….again.

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