Improving your yoga poses

Have you ever joined a yoga class and wondered why you seem to be struggling more than the yogi next to you?

It might help to break the pose down into the elements required by each area of the body and work on them separately before putting it all together.

Here’s an example using the ‘extended side angle’ pose as performed by Pilates instructor Luisa Burgoyne.

As pictured below, this pose requires:

  • left hip flexion
  • right hip extension
  • spine rotation right
  • elevation of right shoulder

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How Pilates Can Alleviate Headaches

A headache is a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head, neck and body. It can therefore be confusing for people to understand where the real problem is stemming from. In Australia 87% of people experience headaches every year, with the most common way of treating them being painkillers.

Headaches are a common complaint we hear from Pilates clients and for many people they can be a daily occurrence, and one that has lasted for a  number of years.

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Reasons Not To Stretch

This week’s blog post is an article that was featured in the New York Times Phys Ed column a few weeks ago. It covers some recent research out of Croatia that involved some “bogglingly comprehensive re-analysis of data” about the detrimental effects of static stretching used as a warm-up before exercise.

You can read the full article here on the New York Times website.

The results showed that static stretching before exercise actually decreases muscle strength and power and can also affect stability. The recommendations are that static stretching alone should not be used as a warm-up before exercise. Rather, it is advised to “warm-up dynamically, by moving the muscles that will be called upon in your workout.”

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