Pilates for lower back pain

Lower back pain has become so common these days, that often it is not even diagnosed. The primary cause is poor standing – but more commonly sitting – posture. Prolonged periods spent seated in front of a computer, as well as slouching forward, have become normal. It is also very common to have a dominant side of the body – a side that we naturally use more than the other. This can lead to a strength or tension imbalance between the left or right sides, another big cause of lower back pain.

Pilates may help to correct these sorts of problems.

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Osteopathic Treatment Yields Positive Outcomes for Lower Back Pain

For anybody out there interested in scientific studies, this paper was published early in 2013 about the outcomes of Osteopathic treatment for lower back pain.


Outcomes of osteopathic manual treatment for chronic low back pain according to baseline pain severity: Results from the OSTEOPATHIC Trial

The study consisted of over 400 patients with varying degrees of lower back pain who were treated 6 times over an 8 week period. Patients were then re-assessed after 12 weeks to determine if there was any improvement in their condition.

For anybody who has had Osteopathic treatment for lower back pain, the results do not come as much of a surprise, with the primary outcome being a substantial improvement in lower back pain.