Autoimmunity: The Saddest Story Never Told

The path that Autoimmune Disease has taken in the past century impels us to pose some questions as to how and why we continue to treat autoimmunity and immune compromised dysfunction on a disease-specific basis. The key to unlocking the health in people who suffer from Autoimmune Disease is asking the simple yet rarely broached question: Why is this happening?

Autoimmune Disease essentially occurs when an individual’s immune system attacks normal tissue like it would a foreign body or pathogen. The clinical symptoms depend on which tissue is under attack and as such, autoimmunity presents in an array of manifestations.

Autoimmunity Graphic

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The Paleo Diet and Autoimmunity

Late last year I developed some troubling symptoms: severe fatigue, shortness of breath after light exercise, dizziness and a range of digestive symptoms. I also fell ill with several colds in the space of only a few months, which proved difficult to shake. Knowing a thing or two about the human body, I had an inkling that my blood iron levels might be low, so off I went for a blood test. As suspected, the results showed iron deficiency, along with iodine deficiency and also some low levels of autoimmune antibodies (which we will touch on shortly). Although these results explained my symptoms, the cause of the issues were not so clear.

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