How Osteopathy Can Help Your Golf Swing

Golf is a perennial source of frustration (and occasional joy) for those who play it. The constant yearning for increased power and greater accuracy leads players to try numerous technical drills and form alterations, constantly striving to find that ever-elusive consistent swing. These drills and form tweaks very often garner success, and a good swing coach is imperative to improving performance.

At times however, we need to step back and assess whether the changes we are trying to make to our swing are really getting to the root cause of our poor shots, or if we are trying to make our body do something it simply doesn’t want to, or can’t do.

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5 Reasons Men Should Do Pilates

Pilates participation is overwhelmingly dominated by females, despite the practice being developed by German-born Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century.

The following article provides 5 great reasons why men can benefit from the practice. Pilates will help you build core strength, improve flexibility and develop often-neglected muscle groups. Have a read and see if Pilates might be for you:

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