Biomechanical, Functional and Postural assessments

Biomechanical, functional and postural assessments are a part of Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre’s case management approach to all our patients.  It is a must for all individuals whether you are an athlete preparing for a race or returning from injury, an office worker, someone suffering chronic pain, a Pilates or Yoga client who is limited in their practice or if you just wish to improve your posture.

This precise assessment is used as a tool to enhance your current practice and function.  Our practitioners, through this detailed assessment, communicate this information to other health care professionals at the Clinic. Our clinical experience has shown this multi-practitioner approach to your health as an effective and efficient means of resolving your pain and retuning you to work or training in a quick and timely manner.

These 30 minute assessments are performed by our highly experienced Osteopaths with the purpose of identifying dysfunctions within the body.

The assessment includes a range of musculoskeletal tests:

  • Range of motion testing of joints
  • Strength and power testing of muscles
  • Functional analysis of movement patterns
  • Flexibility
  • Postural assessment

Once the assessment has been performed a detailed report will be provided.  This report will detail such things as best treatment plan; rehabilitation plan for your injury; training required to improve your results; return to work program; daily exercise diary and essential living advice.

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