Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre has ARRIVED!!!

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We would like to introduce Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre (formerly known as West End Osteopathy and Pilates).   Our blog spot is designed to inform you on the latest research and opinions in health, training, exercise, ergonomics and many more interesting topics.  Experienced Osteopaths and other Health Care Practitioners, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, Athletes and many more experts across the health industry, will be contributing to the blog spot.

Firstly we would like to say a big thank you to all existing clients, family and friends, mentors and everyone who has helped us out along the way, for believing in our vision and making this possible.  Without you Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre would not exist.

The brand new website,, reflects our passion for helping people across all walks of life.  New features include

  • New patient’s and existing booking online 24/7
  • Blog spot
  • More services: Yoga, Exercise Rehabilitation, Remedial Massage
  • Two locations – Melbourne CBD and South Yarra
  • E-newsletter
  • Online customer survey
  • Plus plenty more

We are continually trying to improve our Centre to reflect the needs of our clients, so we encourage your feedback and communication to achieve the best possible results.

Question to Readers:

What new developments would you like to see at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre?

Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre began as a vision over ten years ago when Jess and I began working together in the UK. Our clinical aspirations grew as we worked side by side in in a variety of clinics in England with some very inspirational mentors.  On returning to Australia in 2010, we were determined to develop a clinic that applied the wealth of knowledge acquired to meet today’s health needs and our dedication to professional development in the health and sports industry.

Our approach to an individual’s health, function and well being is centered on the idea of a case management approach and being able to offer many health services in the one place.  At Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre we put patient and client management first and foremost.  We are here to assist you through each step required to maximize your health, function and wellbeing.

Our clinic will allow you to achieve your goals whether they are general fitness and flexibility, serious or fun running, completing a triathlon, overcoming injuries or just being pain free at work and home.  This is achieved through regular communication between practitioners and instructors and may include the development of treatment plans, rehabilitation programs, exercise prescription and training diaries. With our experienced, highly qualified practitioners and instructors in the disciplines of Osteopathy, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Pilates, Yoga and Exercise Prescription, all of your rehabilitation needs are met at Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre.

Being located in the CBD we are aware of the many problems that clients face from working long hours in an office environment. Let us help you to improve your posture, aches and pains and general well being. We have a wide variety of appointment and class times available to fit into your busy schedule.

Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre has a specialised dedication to athletes both the weekend warriors, amateurs and elite, with the owners having a wealth of experience in a wide variety of sports. Our case management approachallows us to offer you with specific treatment and rehabilitation programs to enhance training, improve results, and provide a swift return from injury.

We hope that your experience at Melbourne Osteopathy and Sports Injury Centre is enriching and rewarding and reflects the passion, dedication and high standards of our Centre’s practitioners and instructors.


Dr Jessica Fetterplace   

Osteopath / Exercise Rehabilitation

Dr Shane Buntman

Director / Osteopath

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