Healthy Eating: Shopping, Food Preparation & Simple Meals

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SmithFit training studio in South Yarra is an affiliate business of Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre. Founder Shannon Smith is passionate about body recomposition and the studio uses customised software and medically approved pathology testing to assess the physiology and biochemistry of their clients. Shannon has a truly holistic approach to exercise and nutrition optimisation and has put together a series of videos about nutrition and healthy eating.

SmithFit Video Collage

The 4-video series covers food preparation, shopping for produce at the markets, and preparing healthy dinner, lunch and breakfast.

Here are the links to SmithFit’s Vimeo page where you can find the series:

Shopping at Markets

Preparing Lunch & Dinner

If you would like to get in contact with Shannon or one of the team at SmithFit, head on over to their website:

If you would like to speak to one of our practitioners about your health, nutrition or a personal training goal, please feel free to ask a questioncontact us or email us at:

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