Dr Craig Lia (Osteopath) will be familiar to many of the MOSIC community, having completed his internship at our Collins Street Centre prior to graduating from his Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University. He believes in educating his clients about their body while integrating movement and manual therapy to create a personalised treatment approach that reflects each individual, their complaint, and their goals.

Craig has a passion for cycling and triathlon, having been involved in the local community for several years. He has been able to combine this passion with Osteopathy by offering a professional bike-fitting service. Utilising his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, Craig is well-equipped to set your bike up for your specific body size, shape and flexibility, to ensure optimal performance and reduced risk of injury.

Craig has developed a particular interest in treating injuries of the hip, knee and ankle. His consultations are targeted around understanding the primary cause of the complaint and incorporating a formal rehabilitation plan in order to return clients back to their sport or chosen activity quickly.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Craig Lia (Osteopath) or ask him a question you can: