B.App.Sci (Clinical Sciences), M.H.SC (Osteopathy)

Dr Brendan O'loughlin osteopathy sport injuriesAfter practising general Osteopathy in rural Victoria Dr Brendan O’Loughlin (Osteopath) moved to Melbourne to pursue his interest in treating sporting injuries. Graduating from Victoria University, he has experience managing the health of people from every age bracket and treating severe acute working and sporting injuries as well as chronic postural dysfunction and medical conditions.

He is actively involved in triathlon, track & field athletics and hockey and has an excellent understanding of the injuries common to these sports. He has experience in treating both elite and recreational athletes from these disciplines and has a comprehensive understanding the demands that training places on the body.

Brendan is trained in bicycle fitting, using his knowledge of biomechanics and the requirements of cycling to achieve an individual’s optimal position for performance and comfort. He has worked as a sports medical trainer in the Victorian Amateur Football Association for 3 years, coordinating the medical team as head trainer for one year. He has also worked with many top-level and recreational athletes, and at many sporting competitions, managing training, recovery, competition and injuries.

Dr Brendan O’Loughlin (Osteopath) completed research for the Master of Health Science (Osteopathy) in the field of gait analysis and barefoot running. He is currently involved in further research in this area, which has led to his involvement in assessing players at an AFL club. The knowledge he has obtained through years of involvement with athletics, combined with an understanding of current research and biomechanics allows Brendan to diagnose, treat and manage many running related injuries.

Brendan is particularly focused on locating the biomechanical and structural causes of long term injuries and correcting them. He believes in educating his patients to understand the cause of their condition, thus helping them to live pain free with lifestyle advice, rehabilitative exercises, and preventative treatment measures.

Brendan is a registered practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, Australian Osteopathic Association, and Sports Medicine Australia.

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