Correcting Posture For The Modern World

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Long hours spent sitting in front of a computer combined with the escalating use of small mobile devices has seen a rapid degradation of ‘good posture’ in today’s world. Our own Dr Shane Buntman was featured on Channel 9 news last year talking about the rise of these sorts of complaints. And it appears that even the fashion world is taking notice, with this article also appearing on the Vogue website late last year.

Is Perfect Posture the New Six-Pack? 3 Ways to Straighten Up

Posture in Vogue

While most of us are clearly not swanning around New York City posting to Instagram all day long, the article does hit a few key points about the importance of posture in our daily lives. The author relates her experience of how Pilates, Remedial Massage and an electronic ‘Posture Tracker’ helped her start to notice and improve on a visibly slumping posture.

It’s a lighthearted read, but definitely touches on some important aspects of health and wellbeing in today’s world.

If you would like to speak to one of our experienced Osteopaths, Remedial Massage Therapists or Pilates Instructors about about improving your posture, please feel free to ask a questioncontact us or email us at:

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