Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

MAT strength

Is strength training for endurance athletes necessary?

Many endurance athletes figure if they want to build strength they hit the gym and push weights. Whilst this is somewhat true, it is very important to do specific exercises which target muscles in a way which they will be utilised during your event, otherwise known as functional exercises like the one picture above. As a triathlon coach, I place large importance on loading the muscles the same way they would be during swim, bike and run. Therefore pushing a heavy bench press or completing super sets of squats is not necessarily going to make you swim, bike or run faster. In reality for an age group triathlete, this may cause you to race slower as more muscle mass will make you heavier and immobile. If you cant apply the strength developed to your particular sporting movements then it is not functional.

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Free seminar at The Small Business Festival Victoria



From startup to success: Building a strong team

Join young, entrepreneurial business owner Dr Shane Buntman as he shares valuable insights and skills from his experiences, especially in the health industry.

Dr Buntman’s seminar will inspire anyone considering opening up a small business to get on with it and and motivate existing small business owners to drive harder to reach the top of their field.

Date: Thursday 6th August
Time: 2pm-3pm
Location: Festival Hub in Fed Square (Cnr Swanston & Flinders Streets)
Melbourne VIC 3000


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Free Pilates Day


Have you ever wanted to try Pilates?

This is the perfect opportunity to come and try Pilates for FREE in a safe and enjoyable environment under the guidance of our experience instructors.

It’s a free session on Monday 26th October from 12-1pm and there will be 6 places available*.

Secure your position before they go by phoning us on (03) 99391 289 or emailing reception on

*This session is open to anyone who has never done Pilates at our studio before.

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6 Winter Training tips to keep you motivated

Winter Training TIPS – How to beat the exercise rut before it beats you


It happens to the best of us – the mornings get colder and darker, we snooze the alarm that one extra time, and before we know it we are out the door and on the way to work without completing our morning exercise ritual. Within a few weeks we have forgotten what it feels like to get that exercise high, and we fall off the fitness wagon….again.

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Evidence Based Foam Rolling – Small Expense For Well Rounded Returns

In a previously published post, our resident  Triathlon coach Ryan Bourke postulated about Why you should be using a foam roller.

This post is a brief summary about the underlying therapeutic mechanisms of foam rolling. There has been some research investigating foam rolling (or self myofascial release) and how it affects joint range of motion, post-exercise fatigue, muscle soreness, and whether the type of roller is important.

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Natural Remedies For Stress And Anxiety

Natural Methods for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

By Jad Patrick
BHsc Naturopathy | Grad. Dip. Counselling | ANTA Member 12680

Jad Patrick is a qualified Naturopath and Counsellor who practices at Prahran Health Foods. Jad was recently interviewed on a podcast about the damaging effects of stress in our modern lives. The interview explores possible evolutionary basis of why we tend to focus on the negatives, the fight-flight stress response and how we can harness the mind-body connection.

You can listen to Jad on The Primal Shift Podcast. Jad has prepared an article below regarding natural methods for dealing with stress and anxiety. Read more

Why Is My Swimming Not Improving?

Swimming is a very technical sport and a sound technique generally cannot be self-taught. Unless you were lucky enough to have mum and dad throw you in the ‘deep end’ at a young age, getting a grasp of correct swimming technique can be a daunting and lengthy task. The fact is that no-one has perfect technique (well maybe some Olympians are an exception), and everyone can improve their swim technique through proper coaching.

4 Reasons why your swim may not be improving

Firstly, take a look at this video of Sun Yang, the 1500m world record holder. As you read the common mistakes below, come back and view this video to see the correct technique.

These are some of the most common mistakes I see with triathletes and/or leisure swimmers, and some insights into how you may address them.  Read more

The Truth About Cholesterol


About the killer called cholesterol, and why it ain’t so.

Part 1 of 2 by Chris Bellanger from Prahran health Foods
Nutritionist, Holistic Personal Trainer, BHSc (Naturopathy) Student

The much maligned waxy lipid known as cholesterol is technically a steroid-alcohol, and is found in every cell’s membrane (like the cells skin) and in our blood plasma. It’s essential for insulating neurons, building and maintaining cellular membranes, metabolizing fat soluble vitamins, producing bile, and kick-starting the body’s synthesis of many hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen, and even vitamin D. Read more