Dr Osteopathy – The Amateur Triathlete – How new shoes eliminated my Achilles pain

As a triathlete I am always looking to move faster on my feet, trying to get ahead of the person in front, and the best way to do that in a triathlon is in the running leg. The best triathletes are almost always the best runners. Not being born a natural runner, it’s important for me (165cm tall with short legs and over 6 years of weight training) to make the most of any edge I can get.

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Minimalist / Barefoot Running Series

Part 1: Introduction

As a runner, you would almost have to be living as a hermit to not have heard about minimalist and/or barefoot running (however, if you were a hermit, you would probably be running barefoot, so there lies the conundrum). Initially, a lot of people viewed minimalist running simply as a trend that would eventually die out, however this has not been the case. This ‘type’ of running continues to become increasingly popular; with more and more of the major running shoe companies starting to bring out their own minimalist lines. Read more

Smart Phone Posture – Is this causing your PAIN!!!

Is this you?

Commuting to work on the train over the last few years I have noticed the progressive shift from people predominately reading books and newspapers to commuters reading from their smart phones. What I’ve also noticed is the poor posture that typically accompanies the use of smart phones. As an Osteopath, I often see clients with postural related back pain, neck pain and headaches. These conditions can be quite debilitating and often detract quite substantially from peoples work and daily life. Osteopathy typically helps these symptoms quite substantially and rapidly, but if a patient with postural related pain does not reform their bad habits, which led to their symptoms in the first place, then most likely, the pain will come back sooner rather than later. Read more