Bodhi Suspension System – The World’s First 4-point Suspension System

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Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre’s latest new toy – the Bodhi Suspension System has got a lot of clients talking recently. So what is this new piece of equipment that is turning heads?

Bodhi BannerThe Bodhi Suspension System (BSS) a type of exercise system with a great twist—4 points of suspension! The system created by the world’s leading Pilates equipment company, Balanced Body, is a well thought out piece of equipment that serves very similar principles to other Pilates equipment. This makes it a great complimentary tool to use along with Pilates and provides our studio with that extra level of functional body weight resistance training that is now becoming so highly sort after.

So you might ask why 4 points of suspension? The idea of utilising more than 2 points of suspension is a great one, as it encourages the activation of all the important sling systems in the body. Performing exercises with both hands in the handles, clients can also challenge their balance and stability by having one foot in a loop. This forces the client to stabilise and connect to their anterior and posterior oblique system as well as the lateral sling system.

Having both hands in the handles and both feet in the loops is a whole new ball game—but also a very fun one! This arrangement allows for hanging, swinging and an extremely challenging whole-body workout.

Nicole Karl, our Bodhi Suspension instructor, Pilates instructor and Studio Manager is running Bodhi Suspension System classes 3 times per week, with each high-intensity class running for 30-minutes. If you’d like to know more about our Bodhi Suspension System or would like to sign up for classes please ask a question, or send us an email at:

You can also contact our reception desk on (03) 9939 1289.

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