Food Cravings

Dr Natasha Paunovic found this article recently that explains what certain food cravings might be trying to tell you.

You can read the full article here.

“Intense food cravings can be a sign you’re deficient in certain nutrients.”

It covers all the classic cravings like chocolate, lollies, meat and carbs as well as some more obscure ones like ice and cheese.

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Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and can fracture with minimal trauma, such as a rib fracture caused by sneezing. There are many factors that can influence your risk of Osteoporosis. Some of these are not changeable, including age (>50), gender (female post-menopausal), family history, early onset of menopause, long term corticosteroid use, small frame size and delayed puberty or early onset of menopause.

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Is Sitting Cross Legged Causing You Pain?

For most people, today’s world sees an increased amount of hours spent indoors sitting on our backsides. Many people, either through comfort or habit, spend some of this time sitting cross-legged. Have you considered the effect sitting cross-legged has on your low back, pelvis or hips?

Simply placing the Right knee over the left produces the following effects …

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Are High Heels Causing You Pain?

High heels, the not-so-ultimate fashion accessory! While some believe “beauty is pain,” how much pain and long term damage are you willing to endure?

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