Pilates Achieves Real Results For Knee Injury

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I am a 58 year old male who has always enjoyed outdoor activities. Having competed in Triathlons since 2006, I stepped up in the 2012/13 Gatorade Series to be in the top 10 in my Age Group. I joined Tri-Alliance and started to get into some serious training in late 2013.


Then disaster struck on a training run around the Tan in July 2014 where I tripped and tore the meniscus in my right knee. After a period of 3 months and a visit to an Orthopaedic Surgeon the verdict was “you need to give up running” as you have severe osteoarthritis, as well as a torn meniscus and you will probably need a knee replacement in the long term.

After some soul searching and deep thought I decided to go back and have a chat to my Osteopath in Cheltenham about what I could do in the way of remediation, as the Orthopaedic Surgeon had basically said “hang up your running shoes”. Luckily for me she referred me on to the Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre and I was introduced to a team of dedicated people who took me on board, assessed where I was at, and where I wanted to go.

They set in place some realistic goals and a program of remediation for my torn meniscus (unfortunately there wasn’t much that could be done about the osteoarthritis). Hilary Cornish has been treating my knee injury (as well as a few other aches & pains) over the last 6 months, Jessica Fetterplace provided an initial diagnosis and recommended specific exercises to strengthen my knee, and Brendan O’Loughlin undertook an analysis of my running style and provided me with feedback on how I could improve and take the load off my injured knee. Last but certainly not least is Nicole Karl [Pilates Manager at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre], who has helped me develop my overall body strength (especially my core & glutes) and strengthen my troublesome knee through specific exercises.

My journey with this team of specialists since April 2015 has been amazing. Their dedication, support, treatments, exercises and advice has been fantastic. It has allowed me to gain back my strength & confidence so that I can continue to run and compete in Triathlons for the coming season. I feel as strong as I have ever been. I recently clocked up a Half Marathon (21.1 km) in 1 hr 33 mins and am currently focusing on my A Race in three weeks time, a Half Ironman event at Shepparton. Thanks to the team at Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre I am going to be on the start line, and who knows, maybe even be looking at a PB or a top-10 placing in my age group…but that is all in the future.


Barry Gilbertson – October 2015

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