Pilates Instructor

Pilates brings better body awareness and enables people to move to their true potential.

A self-proclaimed ‘Frenchy from Quebec’, Mimi developed a passion for body movement at a young age, starting with gymnastics at the age of 3. She competed at the Canadian Championships before fulfilling her childhood dream of joining Cirque Du Soleil where she performed all over the world as an aerialist. During this time she discovered Pilates and quickly realised how it benefited her training, increased her body and movement awareness, helped her stay injury-free and kept her strong and mobile to perform at the highest level.

After touring for 10 years, Mimi decided to follow her passion by obtaining her Polestar Pilates certification from one of the leading teacher training organisations.

Mimi has worked with triathletes and students at the National Institute of Circus Art in Melbourne. Her training as an athlete and acrobat, along with her Pilates qualifications, has helped her understand how the body moves during sports.

She enjoys working with athletes as well as clients from all walks of life. Mimi loves to learn new ways to help her clients move freely and perform better in their chosen sport or everyday activities.

If you would like to book a Pilates session session with Mimi Goyette or ask her a question you can: