M.Sc (Human Movement), B.Sc (Hons) (Exercise & Sport Science), Diploma of Remedial MassageMarcelle Malan

Marcelle Malan is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and soft tissue manual therapist, with over a decade of experience working within the field of Human Movement and Rehabilitation. An anatomy geek with a fondness for acrobatics, monkey bars and Ashtanga yoga, she uses both manual therapy and movement-based rehabilitation to assist her clients.

Marcelle has always had a deep love and respect for nature, an inquiring mind, a preference for old wisdom over new technologies, and a natural physicality. Combined with a sense of humour ‘as dry as the Sahara’ these disparate tendencies all converge to shape her practice. Her aim is to work with the natural processes of the body, using the minimum amount of intervention needed to help correct any dysfunction.

Her areas of interest include:

  • Alleviating postural pain associated with long-term desk work.
  • Movement restoration to assist those with chronic injury or illness.
  • Chronic pain disorders and stress.
  • The use of natural movement and play-based rehabilitation.

She has developed her practice over more than a decade of work in the field of Human Movement and continues to refine her skills in manual therapy and movement rehabilitation. Her approach is creative and playful, with a strong foundation in evidence-based practice.

A firm believer that you cannot teach that which you do not live, she maintains a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice, along with integrated acrobatic movement skills.

Ultimately, Marcelle’s work is about developing resilience in the body. It is a progressive approach to movement and rehabilitation which provides her clients with the skills and tools to better understand and care for the bod​y​.

Marcelle’s Qualifications:

  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise and Sport Science Australia
  • Remedial Massage Therapist, Australian Assoc. of Massage Therapists

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