Pilates Instructor

Everyone has the potential to move better and improve their overall quality of life. Pilates provides the tools and knowledge to make these changes occur and help them stick.

Luisa BurgoyneLuisa’s love of movement stems from a background in classical ballet and contemporary dance that she began in Brisbane at age nine. Luisa first discovered Pilates in 2001 whilst attending the Queensland Dance School of Excellence. Initially it was used as a method of injury prevention and rehabilitation, however she also began to realise its potential as a way of generally increasing her overall body and movement awareness. 

Luisa completed her Comprehensive Polestar Pilates course at Moss Pilates in London, one of the world’s leading Pilates teacher training organisations. She has also qualified with Caroline Anthony in her full pre and post-natal Pilates courses.
As a keen runner, yogi and swimmer with a wide history of injuries, Luisa knows first-hand the benefits Pilates can offer to both active and sedentary individuals. She enjoys the challenge each new client brings and loves discovering different methods to help them move better and find pain-free ways to enjoy their hobbies, sports and everyday life.
During her time spent teaching in London, Luisa worked closely with many Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Cranio Sacral and Manual Therapists, learning about how these treatment techniques cross over with Pilates. Luisa is constantly looking for ways to continue her education in all things movement and health related and believes that Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre is the perfect environment for continued growth and development in this field.

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