Dr Tara Neyland (Osteopath) completed her Osteopathy qualifications at RMIT University, after a year-long internship with senior Osteopath Dr Brendan O’Loughlin.

After a difficult recovery from an injury when she was younger, Tara fell in love with Osteopathy’s thorough approach to examination, diagnosis and individualised patient care. As a result, she has become passionate about finding the true cause of any complaint and actively working to help each client find their way back to health.

After 10 years as a competitive swimmer, Tara transitioned into triathlon, where she raced at a national level. Being involved in elite sport has brought her a strong understanding of the stresses and injuries that training can cause on the body.

In 2017 Tara also completed an Osteopathic placement in India, collaborating with physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons, observing surgeries and treating post surgical patients. This provided invaluable knowledge that she has integrated into her practice, treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, with both direct and indirect techniques.

Tara is certified in myofascial dry needling and has also completed extra training in obstetrics. She has a keen interest in assisting women Osteopathically throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum.

Outside of work Tara is passionate about living a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, exercising regularly and relaxing with family and friends.

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