B.Sc. (Clin.Sc) M.H.Sc. (Osteo)

Dr Jake Martin (Osteopath) graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne before moving to the United Kingdom. There he worked across three multidisciplinary clinics, gaining valuable experience treating a variety of complaints across broad client demographics.

Since working as an Osteopath Jake has developed a particular interest in treating both acute and chronic problems of the neck, upper back, shoulders and hips. His consultations employ a broad approach that places a strong emphasis on finding the primary cause of each client’s complaint.

In addition to his Osteopathy qualifications, Jake is also a fully certified Personal Trainer. He uses this knowledge to design specific rehabilitation exercise programs to suit the individual needs of each client.

Outside of Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre Jake is a keen sportsman with a love for the outdoors. He currently plays cricket for the Camberwell Magpies in the Victoria Premier Cricket League.

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