David Sokoloff

Dr. David Sokoloff is a passionate Osteopath who thrives on addressing the root cause of his patients’ pain and helping those with complex, long-standing issues. He encourages his patients to raise their own standard of health, and take an active role in their own recovery.

Dave has also completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) at the Gray Institute in the United States. He takes the principles of traditional Osteopathy and combines them with his knowledge of functional biomechanics and how the body moves.

Dave’s sessions involve a deliberate balance of hands-on and movement-based therapy, tailored to the specific needs of each patient. He believes that rehabilitation is an integral part of recovery and uses a functional approach that includes home exercises specified to each patient’s goals or activities.

Dave enjoys the challenge and reward of tackling long-standing and complex issues. He achieves this by optimising each individual’s movement patterns, nutrition and overall health. He loves seeing people achieve their goals, from completing a marathon, a round of golf, or simply doing some gardening on the weekend, free of the limiting effects of pain.

Dave holds the philosophy that no two patients are alike and that treatment should reflect the needs of each individual, rather than being a simple prescription or protocol.

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