David Sokoloff

Dr David Sokoloff (Osteopath) is a passionate Osteopath who thrives on finding the root cause of a patient’s pain and optimising the overall health of all who come through his door. He believes in integrating exercise, nutrition and manual therapy in developing a holistic treatment plan for his patients.
In 2016, David completed a diploma of Applied Functional Science (AFS) at the Gray Institute in the United States. AFS utilises functional biomechanics, movement and rehabilitation to diagnose and treat dysfunctional movement patterns. Combining this knowledge with fundamental Osteopathic principles, David delivers a deliberate balance of both hands-on and movement therapy. His varied skill set focuses on getting his patients back to full function in the shortest possible timeframe.
David has a particular interest in assisting people returning from injury in activities such as golf, running, walking, tennis and AFL. He enjoys the challenge of dissecting complex biomechanical problems in order to restore balance to the body, heal painful tissues and optimise physical capability.
He holds the philosophy that no two patients are alike, and as such believes that treatment should reflect the needs and goals of each patient as an individual.

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