5 tips for choosing the best vegan protein powder

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Some tips on finding a high-quality nutritionally sound vegan protein powder from Nutritionist Chris Bellanger.



First the bad news: Plant proteins are not as bioavaible as high quality whey (despite what you might here on various websites). Sorry guys but science is science! They are incomplete on their own BUT it is still possible to meet your total daily requirements with a good blend of grain (ie rice), legume (ie pea) and/or seed (ie satcha inchi or pumpkin) proteins, either in one product, or by mixing them together. By using this method you can balance the essential and non-essential amino acids to create a protein blend that suitable for general human needs.


By choosing a product with sprouted and/or fermented ingredients, you will be further enhancing the uptake of the proteins to ensure you aren’t wasting your money! You can also enhance absorption by including digestive enzymes in the formula such as papain (papaya enzyme), bromelain (pineapple enzyme) or vegan protease.


Make sure you use a protein supplement that is non-GMO, organically certified and raw. Many plant proteins have in fact tested high for heavy metals, so make sure the product you choose ticks these important boxes. You health is worth it.


There are several key amino acids that are plant sourced, and well known to enhance exercise recovery for those hitting the gym, while also PREVENT muscle catabolism (breakdown) in people doing long distance events like triathlons, as well as people with muscle wasting issues such as cachexia. These inclue leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine and beta alanine. So additional amounts of these can be awesome!


Make sure it tastes good as many plant-based proteins can sound amazing, but then be lacking in texture. A little extra added stevia, coconut, vanilla or chocolate can go a long way.

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Author: Chris Bellanger
Nutritionist, Holistic Personal Trainer, BHSc (Naturopathy) Student

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