3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Professional Bike Fit

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We all would like ‘free speed’ on our bicycles right? A professional bike fit will allow you to achieve greater speed with no extra training. Lets take a closer look as to why this may be.


Often people have had their bikes set up in a particular manner for a long period of time and are resistant to change. However, what people forget is that within that time frame there may have been some big changes to their bodies. Injuries and changes in posture can drastically affect your ability to position yourself on your bike. Even professional riders will have their bike set-ups assessed on an annual basis to account for changes in their physical body. Over time and through the ageing process, flexibility and weaknesses become more prominent and can impact upon your comfort. The ability to maintain a bio-mechanically sound position on the bike can become much harder and this is why regular bike fits are important.


When it comes to improving your overall cycling speed, there are 3 essential components to consider:

  1. Comfort
  2. Power
  3. Aerodynamics

A professional bike fit will assist all riders to improve their performance whether a beginner or advanced. At Kinetic Bike Fitting there are three distinct groups who see us for a bike fit:

Beginners: People who are new to the wonderful world of cycling and are unsure of how to position their bikes first up. A bike fit helps them establish a comfortable set up and a reference point.

People who just can’t get comfortable: Nagging issues or injuries that prevent a cyclist from being comfortable in maintaining a position and enjoying riding their bicycle.

Competitive Cyclists: People looking to maximize efficiency and improve power while maintaining an aerodynamic position.

At Melbourne Osteopathy Sports Injury Centre we offer a professional bike fitting service in-house through Kinetic Bike Fitting. Kinetic Bike fitters are qualified Osteopaths who understand biomechanics in order to achieve the best bike fit for each individual. If you would like more information about bike fitting, or to book an appointment, please phone (03) 9939 1289 or email us at:


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